Grade 5

Scitech Academics – Coursework for Grade 5

Super Senses – Exploring 5 Senses

Snake Chamer’s story –  Connecting the story with the Senses

From Tasting to Digesting – What Happens to the Food  we eat? Pizza to Potty!!

How does Food get spoilt?

Seeds and Seeds – Are Seeds the Babies ? Do they Grow like Us? What is inside it to make it Grow? How many times? Do they fly?

Every drop counts – Importance of Water as a Natural Resource.  Ways of Storing Water.

Experiments with water – Process of Sinking & Floating. Why ?

A treat for Mosquitoes – Introducing diseases like Malaria & Anaemia.

Up you Go – All about Rock-Climbing, Mountaineering & Experience of Camping

Walls tell stories – Introducing Forts, Monuments & Museums

Sunita in Space – Comparing Life of Space & Earth

What if it finishes – Introducing Non-Renewable Resources

A shelter so high – Higher Altitudes. Life & Living.

When the earth shook – Earthquake, Famine & Drought

Blow hot Blow cold – Air as a Resource & related Craft Activities.

Who will do this work – Hygiene & Sanitation. History from “Then” to “Now”

No place for us ? – Disparity in Society

A seed tells a farmer’s story – Recognizing Agriculture Sector and it importance to Indian & Global context

Whose forest ? – Forest as a Natural Resource

Like father like Daughter –  Concept of “Trait”. Allied families & Evolution.